Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Profile 2

Ok, so today it's Moxka's turn.

But first a little background.
Basically the Project J story is set in a sort of sci-fi alternate history where, back in the late 50's a military medical research program stumbled upon a way to artificially conceive humans infused with the DNA of other species. The military secretly expanded and funded the project with the hope of creating soldiers with the superhuman abilities of animals.

Soon the first generation of about 40 engineered humans were born. Dubbed "Crossbreeds", most were bred as part dog or part cat, and were raised in comfortable conditions at a secret research institute. There were given an advanced education and military training under the close scrutiny of scientists and researchers. The results were promising and many of the more successful subjects saw trial deployments in the closing stages of the Vietnam War.

But the results weren't exactly what the military had expected, with many also inheriting drawbacks or flaws from their respective animal types, usually in the form of aggression, recklessness or any number of mild personality disorders. This, along with the fact that the crossbreed process only took hold in female subjects, meant that the project never moved past the experimental phase.

In the 80's the programs existence was leaked and the resulting scandal forced the military to go public with the crossbreed program. In the following years the program was outsourced to a civilian research group who took over operation of the institute and the rules forcing subjects into military service were abolished, allowing crossbreeds to pursue whatever career they wished after graduation.

Alright so that's the gist of it.

So Moxka is my female lead. She's cheeky but loyal and energetic, often to the point of recklessness. I tried to draw her to reflect that, with her short scruffy hair and often wearing a big grin.