Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I've been really busy with work at the moment to work on any new content so i thought i'd take a moment to reflect.

It was about a year ago i decided i wanted to make a comic book of some sort so i tried to come up with something . In the end i decided that a good idea would be to just mash all the stuff i liked the most into one setting.

The first ingredient was guns, or just military hardware in general. Materials of a military nature have always been my passion. I've always loved military collectibles, Tom Clancy novels and games like Modern Warfare of Operation Flashpoint.

And ingredient two was kemonomimi, or characters with animal ears and tails. Almost certainly a byproduct of too much anime and manga and one of my favorite things to draw, my sketchbooks never had a shortage of catgirls and the like.

So when those two came together in my head Project J was born. I was never good at writing storylines so originally i designed it as more of a series of one-off stories with heaps of action and no real overall plot. This became the original Project J.

In the end i created 6 pages before some technical issues with photoshop slowed production to a standstill. I also wanted to take more time to improve my artwork and be sure about the design and style.

Then about 2 months ago Project J began to dominate my thoughts once again but this time it was different. I came to realize that over time when i thought about the characters i had unwittingly began filling in the gaps. As i gave the characters background or created new characters to fill various roles a plot began to emerge and soon became impressed with my creating.

Armed with a new improved story and a desire to create my work in a more serious art style i decided to try and take Project J to the next level, and here we are.

That's enough rambling today, if you want to check out the old Project J all the old pages and concept art are on my deviantart. (


  1. Had a look at the old one and I like where it was going, will be interested to see what you come up with now.

  2. nice!!! im also drawing, which program do u use for the coloring?

  3. @Learnin' German Admin
    I use photoshop for all my drawings.

  4. great stuff keep it comming i will follow ;)

  5. This looks sweet as hell, dude. I'm definintly following your blog.

  6. Nice cover, hope it works out for you.

  7. sweet art! i'm looking forward to future work!