Monday, February 14, 2011

Concept artwork

Hey just a quick update to keep things rolling. Thought I'd post some of my notes and concept art while work continues on chapter one.

Today i'll start with my main protagonist Ace "Spook" Micheals.
I guess i designed Spook to be a bit of questionable character, almost an anti-hero of sorts, he's the confident and cunning leader who makes his own rules and is always on the lookout for a fight to cash in on.

I'll hopefully finish up work on the next character piece tommorrow.

Note : {---} means i haven't thought up a name yet.


  1. Dude, looks like a cool story. I'll be back to check it out as it goes on.

  2. Did you really put all of that together? I'm impressed. Spook seemed to have an eventful career in the military. It was a wise move to venture into the private military field. There is money to be made there.

  3. Yeah I agree. Very nice artwork - would certainly like to see more from you in the near future.